Well, I will do a little bit of copy paste of my suggesttion, that came to my mind looking this new situaion with the condition and so, I think is interesting to do it public, and a good point to discuss future changes/suggestions/ways;

Copy/paste'h :

"today I proved again the new condition % waste due orders, used both and in one half Rozomashvili, who have,,, 10* in phisical, lost 37% condition. He played only 1 half, then for example Adams lost till 63% (53% due that when match finish you win a +10) and till 52% my new academy young ST.
These last 2, played 1 half in whole picth pressure + individual, and the 2nd hald I changed to zonal making.

So here ma idea;
-I'm thinking that we are talking of "boost".
-Some people (many, mostly) had the... lets call "tradition" to use the orders in a easy way, simple, thats how the people looks T11..
-Some people, don't like the new changes, because is 2 in 1:
--Logical, due the realist waste
--But, at same time, Contradictory. Because people have matches in few hours (sometimes 3 matches per day) and now is not easy to manage the waste of condition, plus, if is boosted who have these orders active, so who manages... that becomes a little bit, uncontrollable, and annoying.

--point 3-- is that as always, I am agree in some type of benefit for these who login/attend often to the game, but maybe, in a extra possession bonus for loggin during 4-5 consecutive days. And keep it in benefit for actives, + possession % increased mean more chances, and more chances are, (usually) less troll results, and a benefit for actives.

So, lookin' all these factors, I will suggest change the way, and, readjust the new "waste of condition", making this related to the arrows, so, for 1st time in T11, we can have "more individual" options.

That means, that new arrow colours can be created, in order to "activate" these boost, in the players that we wanna see boosted.
So, we can have, general options (uniform options/orders for all the field) + selected players boosted, in the place to have the whole team like doing a marathon.

And I will try to explain more detailed ma viewpoint, but for now, looks like this resume (here goes a smile that was not copy pasted LOL)"

End copy paste.