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Thread: Idea for a fair decide system if "everything is tie" in Champions league

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    Idea for a fair decide system if "everything is tie" in Champions league

    This Topic gave me the idea and Khris's comment was the the starting catalyst about my brainstorming of a fair decide system if everything are same in CL group after 6 rounds

    Sooo as an above linked topic demonstrated there are several rare accidents like that when the system have to choose which team the lucky one

    The system cannot:
    - fit in the schedule: a play-off game or an extra penalty shootout
    - fit in the visual engine: a coin-flip

    what should it (we) do?

    Here is my idea, instead of a lame coin-flip(luck factor bah) or a decision of which team has created first after network ID(lame too)

    Every manager have:
    -all time stats

    Choose after (Champions league) game wins (firendlies not counting!) / all (Champions league) games!

    for example my all time game statistic showing me i won: 292 times, draw: 28 times, lose: 16 times
    292/336= 86.904 winning ratio...

    That's it!

    Good idea or good idea?

    (DEVs: For this awesome idea i could take 500 green boosters )
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    yeah, why not.
    The only thing is that must be a way that the program could calculate with previous history.
    My (funny) proposal.
    If a team passed already that CUP KO, must pass so can have chances for the treble - LOL
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    I belive in a system based in the real system so, CL coficient should be implemented in some sense...
    So basically I keep my idea lol