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Thread: The Season Target

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    The Season Target

    I think, as I've suggested many times, that game needs something to attract players, so Ive suggested to create competitions and so.
    As Ive think that maybe thats not so easy, I will suggest now, looking that seems not so complicated add "achievements" as Nordeus did, to delete the page of flags to create space (as I've suggested many times LOL) and create new things there.
    One, by my viewpoint, have to be the Season Target.
    Day 3, when leagues are done, we have to recive a email from the club, with a determined target to acomplish. Depending of Cup Level, and so, the target can be, finish in CL spot, reach the Champions League semifinals. or, win at least a trophy as 1st.

    Then if we accomplish the target we recive a little amount of cash and maybe 5 tokens.

    Game need change a little bit how is focused to don't be repetitive for old managers....

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    And if you fail badly then you are sacked and the team is run by a bot for 28 days until a new manager is found or deleted from T11. You have to find a new team. That will make managers work harder.
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    Cool idea.
    Staggy Stagg, your improvement is bad. If I really can't reach third place in a season because I've got better opponents,then I'll loose my team? Just because the target was to reach the third place, huh? I mean, the idea of khris is good, it doesn't need improvements.

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    I like this idea too. And maybe a new contract with specific goals to accomplish.