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Thread: World Cup in T11 (long text coming)

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    World Cup in T11 (long text coming)

    My suggestion is the Top Eleven World Cup. It is going to be realized 1 time in 20 seasons, leaving time to managers to focus their players on the team for some seasons. I know this isn't the best suggestion (even I don't think this is a good suggestion) but I am going to post it anyway. I hope you like my idea


    There are going to be 64 countries every cup, and the 64 best managers of the level selected (there are going to be a cup for every level [minus level 1, 2 and 3 {that levels can be managed by managers level 20+} ] ) (this is optional. If you don't want to manage a team, the invitation will be sent to another manager.) are going to manage the 64 countries.
    About the level thing, it will be the club level, and a limitation by 2 players per club (and the club can sent 6 players to countries). For example, in a LV 20 cup, an English token buyer has 3 10 stars (for LV 20) players. You can select these players to be on the country, because the level of the club is 20.
    The countries can be the 64 countries that has more players to choose.
    The managers not selected can bet on the game (optional) with tokens.
    The selected managers don't need to be from the respective country (Juan Carlos Osorio is Colombian but he trains Mexico)


    It will start on the same way how a Top Eleven cup starts (knock-out game). The 32 winning countries now disput the title in the same World Cup way (8 groups of 4 countries, 2 of 4 countries qualifies for he knock-out stage and the winner is the winner) The winner manager of each World Cup will win a large amount of tokens (along with a "Jules Rimet" trophy), and second to below will win cash.


    There are 2 options:

    1st - The selected managers will have a option to temporarily let the team with a bot/ a friend, but control transfers and stadium. The selected friend will command two teams.
    2nd - Stop everything in the T11 world because of the World Cup

    I higly reccomend the 1st option because it is easy to new and returning managers.


    - You can see new players to sign next season easily
    - It will be a cool experience (or no) to the selected managers
    - You can bet tokens on the games from all levels to win more tokens.
    - The selected managers will win a prize


    - Managers can troll it (tank)
    - Managers can support their nation by changing the nationality of the player
    - You can lose many tokens if you do a risky bid
    - Managers will not focus on their teams, instead they will focus to be a manager of a country.
    - It will be difficult to generate


    I think my english isn't good. If there are errors, it is because I'm brazilian. I hope you liked my idea, and you can give your opnion here. Bye

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    Agree, I want a cups like this every 4 seasons :P