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Thread: To arrange some teams ranked 5th in league to particpate CL

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    To arrange some teams ranked 5th in league to particpate CL

    For many many seasons, I have not noticed any team grouped with teams higher club level than them in league. Instead, some teams which ranked lower than 7th in previous season have been forced to promote to higher league level.

    Instead, in last few seasons, some teams, including my teams for several occasions, grouped with 1 level higher or lower teams in champion league group stage. Unlike in leagues, in CL, there are very few inactive or abandoned teams that lower level teams have reasonable chance to compete with. Managers of those lower level teams will not have fun to play in CL group stage. But they have to play 2 matches per day for at least 6 match days. Unlike in Cup, there is a long way before they can quit.

    I think it will be good if some teams ranked 5th in league will be arranged to participate CL. and erase all mixed league CL groups.

    I never heard that any manager wants to tank to avoid to enter top 4 and participate CL in next season. Any resistance on this should be smaller than forcing 8th or 9th teams to promote.
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    This is clearly a better suggestion then to add higher levels in your competitions which is super annoying. It already happened for me 5 from my last 6 Champions League.
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