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    Training Suggestion (Latest 2016 Update)

    Good Day there.. i am not sure if you guys would receive or read this suggestion after the latest Top 11 update. I am in a Top 11 group in Malaysia and everyone is moaning and groaning about how difficult and expensive it to play the game now. I do find it difficult as well as it requires a lot of rest kit to recover a team after training. With high bonus we would win easier and score more goals. But without bonus we will face difficulty (more difficult before this update).

    Personally I have a love/hate with this new update. I love it because it makes addicted fan of the game (like myself) a higher chance of winning each match because of the effort we put in. It has become more realistic. I hate the new update because of the difficulty of training and the recovery time needed.

    I have been thinking about this for a few days now about how you guys could help players before they start giving up and quitting.

    1) Why not give full recovery to all players after the day end? Or just faster recovery?
    This would be easier for use to keep the bonus to near perfect. When players fully recover after a day, we can train again and the system would remove 2% of the bonus each day (wins for you guys). This would encourage us to train more and thus using less rest packs and making it faster recovery for us.
    Maybe you guys can increase recovery percentage from 6% to 10% or just a shorter time to recover (instead of 3 hours for 6% maybe 1.5 hours for 6%)? Those who are extreme like me would train more i am sure. Using green packs here and there.

    2) Cheaper green packs
    This is the easier way to solve this issue we are having. Green packs are priced at 46 token for 50 green packs. This is bloody hell expensive. During a training session to increase from 8% till 10% takes at least 4 green packs each player. If I have 11 players on training that is 44 packs used up. This is madness!!
    Why not just reduce the price for the packs? It would definitely make us players and fans happy. We can buy more green packs and train.

    3) Lessen Bonus Percentage Deduction
    This is obvious based on the title. Instead of removing 2%, just remove 1% each day will do. Couple this with full day recovery i guess it would be perfect. You may increase the difficulty to increase the percentage from 1% till 10%. Eg:
    1% --> 2% takes 500 points
    2% --> 3% takes 700 points
    3% --> 4% takes 900 points
    So on and so forth...

    I am not sure if you guys would read this suggestion but i am making this an effort to put this here and also to the Top 11 Facebook Page... Hope I get a feedback...

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    yea, 3 hr for 6% recover is not enough ....even i do all the "easy" drills, already - 7.5%.... and that is stupid that need 2 training sections for each to do a 6 sections with 3 matches a day?? do they think about that??? now is forcing ppl to use more green packs... but for a long term....this only cause ppl give up and leave~
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    It doesn't even work properly! you can train 1 player with 1 very light exercice to remove any needed training session.
    maxing out your training bonuses is a little bit different but I managed to reach 10 after the few firsts day only reaching 8. Maybe you should try more focused training sessions ...

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    how if we train our players via PC without using mobile? How does it work? i still don't understand the difference between training via PC and mobile.

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    The way this game has gone (and even before, last year, 2015, which is was among the reasons why I quit), considering the way some fixtures are set up (3 matches a day, with at least 2 close to each other), all those excessive injuries, and now the excessive, draining trainings that must be done, this game has become more of source of annoyance. I faced difficulties maintaining my team in good condition this season despite having bought tokens.

    And yes, the recovery (+6% every 3 hrs) is not sufficient at all. Many other users are not facing this problem because it seems that they earn a lot of green packs a day (some as high as 50-100 green packs a day), while users like me can't earn even one green pack or token. So, I have to buy tokens and turn them to packs. But, there is a limit to everything. I think that what has happened to me lately is above the limit. I had a lot of injuries from matches in this season despite having maintained the players in good condition (dark green) most of the time, and many of those injuries were lengthy ones (6-12 days). At the start, I healed the injuries, but then I could no longer heal them because of a lack of red packs and tokens. I already bought enough tokens and cannot buy more as the credit card account is exhausted (no more money available) for now.

    What is occurring is surely a business ploy by the company.

    I already though of quitting this game again after what has happened lately, especially because of those excessive injuries and suspected fixed matches or predetermined outcomes.
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    Really they should improve resting system
    Players consume a lot of condition during 2 matches everyday and you cannot train them without using rest packs

    However I always train my reserves and manage to keep the bounses 10% without rest packs

    Rest system should improve a lot
    Some people live in regions with no offers and forced to buy tokens and this is not acceptable
    People -like me- who live in few-offers regions and don't buy tokens suffer a lot from injuries and we cannot power train any player (very hard to get rest packs from few offers and not use them)

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    Among other changes, recent Training update added an important detail: unlike before, no injuries can happen in the training now.

    We've also increased the % of recovery every 3h to 6%, that means players gain 8% more condition every day than before (1% every 3h more). In fact, they recover 48% condition every day.

    And about rests, the need for rests is not that high, and if you see yourself struggling for that, maybe you need to do some changes in your daily activities / training.

    In my personal case, I like to train after all daily matches have already been played, on late evening, before going to sleep. I know everyone will gain 18%-24% condition the next time I open the game, in the morning, and because no injuries can happen, I train as much as I want, to reach 10% on each bonus (defensive, offensive, condition and possession. I know they will be reduced by 2% by next day, but then I will be 8% on each and really close to be max again.

    The only thing I consider is the upcoming match. If I have a match at 13h next day, I want to be sure they will be fully rested more than 3h before that match, so I can do a quick training in the morning (with 6% condition recover) that will reach me to all 10% bonus again. As this is usually not enough, what I do is overtrain all players I have who never/rarely play, substitutes and others, so I can effectively reach this 10% (sometimes is not possible, but in these cases I get 8%'s and 10%'s mixed).

    So I end up with a fully recovered team with (almost) all training bonuses at 10% (maybe not, but having full 8% it's also very good). Then if you have 3 matches on a specific day, your players will actually be recovering faster than before -I already explained why- so the situation will be better than it was before the new training came up.

    I may have used the option to give +6% to all team for 8-9 rests a couple of times in the whole season. I've only been recently knocked out from Cup, so it's a good example. In fact, I have more rests than I was able to accumulate before.

    Of course if you are trying to reach from 0% to 10% bonus in the morning BEFORE all your matches happen, you will end up needing a lot of extra rests. Don't do that, be smart and train after that, take advantage of the long periods that you won't connect at all (for many reasons, mainly because you need to sleep, work, etc).

    That's the way I do it, works for me. Maybe it won't work as good on other teams, but give it a try
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moi View Post
    And about rests, the need for rests is not that high, and if you see yourself struggling for that, maybe you need to do some changes in your daily activities / training.
    Exactly. If you have 22 man squad, condition shouldn't be a problem.

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    Bottom line is, you will need to spend money on rest packs if you want to remain competitive in all three competitions throughout a season.
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