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Thread: Relegation to lower league

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookizzz View Post
    I object implementing relegation. I don't repeat my reasons or suggestions now. Related ideas of other managers or I can be easily searched in a lot of old threads.

    But my opinion is slightly different now. In addition to not implementing relegation, I even prefer cancelling promotion. Instead, at the very beginning of the season day 1, all teams are assigned to club levels corresponding to average qualities of the team at that moment. This is similar or identical to cup drawing. For example, an extremely strong level 10 team, a very strong level 11 team, an average level 12 team, a weak level 13 team, etc. may be assigned together in same club level 13. Then similar quality teams have same chance to get same quality of players throughout the season.

    I just want to play a fair game. In my opinion, it is unrealistic to expect T11 world will be fully realistic.
    Quote Originally Posted by mahyurr View Post
    but there must be some differences and encouragements for players to reach higher league. there is no differences between league 1 and league 100. isn't it weird? like there is no differences between seria A seria B.
    In addition to competition prize based on final result in leagues, an entrance prize may be given to teams corresponding to club level they will play in coming season.

    I am sorry that my proposal is actually not relating to your topic. But I suddenly have this idea and bring it to here because it also relates to in change club level structure.

    My proposal is not thoroughly considered and very weird. Even if a low quality team is brilliant and win a league, it is still possibly assigned to lower levels than those teams ranking below it. Teams will be rewarded for good performance as well as high quality! Haha, this is so weird. But I don't like seeing some leagues in same levels has huge difference in qualities comparing with other leagues in same level. This can solve it. I don't mind playing weird level structure like this.

    I know my proposal will never happen. In fact, I don't like significant changes. I support maintaining current structure but adopting pure random drawing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abhinavsharma View Post
    This is not real life football.even mods have agreed.
    Where did I say this is 'real life football'. I never said such a thing, but I do bring things into context where applicable.

    Or did you quote the wrong user?
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    Your ideas seem to be relevent with that
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    Quote Originally Posted by mahyurr View Post
    I think this game has a big problem. as a team in top of the league you are competing for championship and promotion to higher league and also CL.
    But what if you are in 14th position and you can't win anything, be in CL or top 4? you have no hope and this game is boring until next season.
    so this game is a competition for top teams and no competition is made for other teams.
    and what do bottom teams compete for? Relegation!!
    If there is be relegation, bottom teams have something to compete for and that is remaining in same league.
    This would bring excitement to bottom of the table as it is in top of the table.
    But in some cases, relegation will be more lucrative than staying in league — because your players ADD another star.
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