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Thread: Increase the quality of token youth.

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    Increase the quality of token youth.

    I don't think i'm alone when I state, I believe associations benefit tankers. So, as a means of making tanking more difficult, I propose increasing the quality of the token youth to a 4* minimum, 5* for ones that aren't free.

    If someone wants to play there entire team out of position and get blasted, zapping morale, let them. But, there will be several managers that just keep the 0 token youth and play with a bench filled with 1* and 2* players.

    Also, maybe automatically sacking any player whose quality falls below 1*? For example if 90-94 is 1* quality, if a player has 89 quality, top eleven automatically removes that player from a managers roster.

    Tanking will still occur and I understand it, I'm just trying to spark discussion about ways to make it more difficult. Really don't want a system that encourages players not to play the game.
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    I have been a long time advocate of 5* Token youths and a 1/3 decrease in cost which would make them a more competitive option compared with Nordgems. So I support that part.

    I'm not really against tanking (but don't do it) except insofaras when they become active, if they are not leading after 8 or so matches they tank again. Made a mockery of my league 2 seasons ago which had 8 tankers, 4 active, who then became 8 inactive. But I digress.

    I'm not convinced losing 2* players will curtail it in any material form but neither am I suckled by the meagre rations the sale of free youths provide. So I'm neutral on that part.

    Extended discussion loosely n the topic?

    (Apologies if this has been suggested but I'm not trawling the Forum to check - if you think Ive stolen your adea then take it as 'like minds'.)

    If there was going to be a review of the Academy I'd suggest it becomes a store of 6x 16 yo players of a single role once per season (the start). Those players can be trained as normal but an 18yo will be capped at 99% until signed to allow normal development. Roles and SA caps will have current limits. Signings can only occur at 18yo.

    Time will be accelerated by 4 for them so that an Academy player will reach 18 after 14 days and the signing window will remain open until the end of week 1 of the season following attainment of 18yo (3 weeks max).

    Training and condition gain will occur as normal subject to the 4x acceleration. This would mean that you could achieve a capped single role player without significant (or any) investment of greens; roles and SA are extra.

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    I always have to sell my youth because there never good enough for my team and yes my u21 is up to date as always