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Thread: Pay 2 Win and Match changes

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    Pay 2 Win and Match changes


    I'm playing the game about 3 months now and have some feedbacks to improve and maintains players in the game.

    For me, this is the best manager game to play on my free time.
    Simple, fun and good match view but, its pay 2 win.

    I paid only one time for tokens. My reasons for not paid more are:
    - I have a desire to buy a shirt or shield for my team, but I need tokens to purchase a players too.
    - To expensive on Brazil.

    Compete tokens with cosmetics items and players, its not cool.

    My sugestions are:

    1) Use Tokens only for cosmestics items: Shields, Shirts, Stadium models, change names, private leagues
    This action resolve three problems:
    - Pay 2 Win problem: Many new players come and active players base increases. Dota, LOL and other success games use this mechanics.
    - Tokens competition with cosmetics and in game mechanics purchases
    - Money has been more valuable on the game. Today is secondary and not important.

    2) More cosmetics items available
    - Stadium models for example
    - Private leagues

    3) Matchs replay and hide the last results
    Possible to see a replay for my last game.
    A preference to hide the last results if I dont see yet.

    I'm extremely excited with the game, but "pay 2 win" is discouraging
    I think in a few months I will stop to play because that.

    Thanks and success on the game.

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    I have never payed for tokens and I have ~600 tokens
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