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Thread: Khris Summah Compilation

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    Khris Summah Compilation

    Lets try to do a compilation of the list of posible suggestions to improve the game in a short term future.

    1- Recomendations have a guy working that when recommend is stuck.
    Man, every time I login and see recomendations I only see ST's.
    Some see GK's. MC's or so.

    This poor bored man can suggest new players to sub' the older playerrs of our team for example, too... this need improvement.

    2- Friendlies should face % vs % so our friend that started the game in L1 can face us been level 50 in same conditions.

    3- Cup per level or facing % vs %

    I started playing T11 in 2011, august so 5 years before and we know that, if I play in a +4LV cup, their 5* are 9* for me.
    Have no sense and should be changed.

    4- CL per level giving a CL spot to the 5th to complete the draws or % vs %.

    5- Competitive Leagues spreading teams not per Q. this is really absurd, because as some of us said, the improvement of our team using tokens have null effect if, I waste 500T to have a better team and then the system put me with same Q teams.


    6- Academy should be improved.

    7- Job centre now locked in level 101 Dalmatas should be open again, as we needed lot of time to see this option as reality and managers ask for it.

    8- Rankings per server. Players wanna know were they are. The most successful games, are simple games, that allow players to see where they are inside the comunity. Now you win and win, but, you don't know where you are.

    9- Individual awards should be saved, maybe as a new achievements to unlock, but, people want it so much and I really hopw that will have the name of the players I had 30 seasons ago graven.

    10- Buildings should be now more developed, we need news in this area.

    11- VIP Players - as a online gamer, I see that mostly of games have for example, discounts during next 3 months "if" you spend for example different amounts and you are a frequent customer. This is not bad, if you manage well the draws between players that spend and who don't and you do a fair system that as I mentioned, don't neutralize the token investment when you buy a 8* squad making you join a full 8* league. Be water my friend.

    12- Match replay if we did not saw the match in live mode

    13- Players age - Sould exist the option to keep important players in our team after the 34 years even if is paying tokens for this option.

    14- Competition for 5th to 8th classificated. Should be called as one of the Sponsors name, H2O cup, Topkers Cup etc....

    15- Associations should have at least 1 week with fixed draws with teams inside the top 100.
    Pot 1 with the best 24 associations, and with these do 6 tournaments. Then 24 associations more, 6 more tournaments till use the best 100.

    16- Option to save 2 formations, 1 for league matches and 1 for CL/Cup

    17- Stats of - Goals sored in corner/free kicks/ penalties

    18- Targets of the season, as everys eason is repetitive we need some time to challange. For example, reach the CL final + win the league = 3T extra.

    19- Diary of the server, teams deserve to be shown and best players too, is not simply a thing of rankings as mentioned before, is for example, highlight a player if score a hattrick in a page of news that other managers should be able to read. This will incentivate the market as will not be something hidden the level of real performance of the clubs, and will do the game more real.

    20- The only way to do leagues without manipulate these directly decreasing/increasing Av. Q. is, grouping the teams depending of the resources wasted last season. ¿? so you did not waste, you are in a lower av Q league but, if you do a investment, you will stay next season in a better av. Q league ¿?

    21- Option to create account without Facebook, using google account or mail register.

    22- Unlock a 10th star?

    23- System based in 4 Levels of customers to obtain extra boosters:

    to be continued...

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    I don't object any of above suggestion. I specifically support 4 & 8.

    For 5, I am happy for the league drawing method in last 2 seasons (I did not check my league, so I'm not sure).

    Every league draw method have it advantage. If it should change, I personally prefer complete random drawing for leagues, CL groups teams with similar qualities in same level, Cup remains the same to group similar quality teams regardless of level so as to a special challenge even though I have no ability to take part. I know many managers do not like Cup drawing method. But I think it has its advantage and understand the difficulties of Nordeus in handling this.
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    agree to everthing said. Changes yes improvement yes.
    for cup competition can do it like assiociation only base on star*.