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Thread: Saving Squads / Formations

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    Saving Squads / Formations

    My suggestion is that we can create multiple squads, saving them so that we wouldn't need to swap the entire team in some situations
    - when playing a cup or CL tie and you're not focusing on those competitions - therefore a player that use all of his subs at the starting lineup wouldn't need to waste time changing and making a new starting 11 every single time
    - we could use this feature to make many 'saved' teams... as an example, imagine that i face an opponent who makes me go with the 4-4-2 as my formation and in the next game i face an opponent that demands me to go with the 3-5-2... a feature that allows me to save my squads would pretty much save my time

    But why would that save time if we would have to waste time making formations?
    - Well, it's simple. Not everybody can play the game 24 hours a day. I'm actually working and sometimes I have 2 matches that happen during the time i'm working and I simply can't be wasting a long time at Top Eleven while working. This feature would allow me to just open the app and make the simple swap in less than a minute. I would've lost the time making the pre-saved formations at my free time.

    I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be hard to implement. That's my suggestion

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    This is available in the old format

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunzo View Post
    This is available in the old format
    I believe runberg wants to arrange players, formations & tactics for different future matches. Managers will be able to prepare for more than 1 future match. Even if they cannot attend the matches, formation, tactics, and even starters will be changed automatically.