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    Player Form

    Hello! So I'm in a predicament now. I have a team with everyone being level 70+ (5 stars) or atleast close to it. BUT, one of my players, my AML, is level 63 (3 stars), so he's my 'weakest' player. "So what" you'd say, "Just buy a better player then!". Well.. no. The thing is, he's been my best player in terms of rating for the past 2-3 seasons! His average rating is ~8.5 and he has 96 goals in 108 games. I can't replace him! So what I suggest, is making a 'Player Form' system. How it'd work? As follows: AFTER a player has played atleast 3 games, the game would calculate his avarage rating of his last 3 games. So, let's say player A is level 61, for example, but also an average (last 3 game) rating of 7.8. That'd mean he's in "Good" form. What next? Next he'd get a 'FIFA carreer mode type' arrow next to him pointing diagonally upwards, symbolising his "Good" form AND all of his stats would get boosted by 1-2 levels. Adding on, should player A's avg rating fall down to like 4.5, his form would be "Bad". He'd get a diagonally downwards pointing arrow, he'd lose his "Good" form boost AND he'd lose 1-2 levels for each stat for being in "Bad" form.

    TL;DR- If a players' last 3 game average rating is: 1-3.9 (Horrible Form), -3 to -5 levels temporarily to all his stats; 4-5.9 (Bad Form), -1 to -2 levels temporarily to all his stats; 6-6.9 (Okay Form), no changes; 7-7.9 (Good Form), +1 to +2 levels temporarily to all his stats; 8-10 (Excellent Form), +3 to +5 levels temporarily to all his stats.

    Aldo, the average for players would get re-calculated AFTER every game to be 'up to date'.

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    well, that's against nordeus business lol
    if it was that way, everyone would keep his top players without worry to replace them every season.
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