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    Lightbulb Consistency for Auto-generated players

    By now we all know that the computer-generated players, AKA "Nordgens", appear once a day and are highly sought after when they are 5 stars. Many of them are young players, and they can be stalwarts in your team for several seasons. The majority of my best players have been from this source.

    However, a lot of times the generated players in the transfer list will all be 4 or 3 stars. This is obviously disappointing since these players will never contribute to 5 star teams, but I dealt with it because 5 star lists came every so often.

    This year, though, I've never seen one single 5 star Nordgen through 9 days of transfer markets. This marks a continuing trend of less and less frequently offered 5 star generated players, which is an obvious ploy to make players spend more tokens in Negotiations and Scout. And yeah, I understand the game has to make money somehow. But to this I must mention: TOKEN BUYERS ARE GOING TO SPEND MONEY ANYWAY. All this is doing is frustrating owners who won't spend money. And they wonder why there's a shortage of teams at higher levels...

    Anyway, I digress. My solution to the problem is as follows: Make computer-generated transfer lists more consistent. Every night should have an approximately equal mix of 3, 4, and 5 star players. Maybe some days have more 3 stars, maybe some days have more 5. As long as there's some level of variety each night, it allows players to go for the ones they want. It also puts everyone on a much more even playing field, because I know there are people my level who have seen better transfer lists. But since I have not (and I've checked every night), I'm at a disadvantage.

    I know this probably will cost T11 money to some extend, but I argue 1) the amount of money it costs won't be too much because most of the token buyers will still buy tokens, and 2) The improved game experience will result in less people quitting the game, thus improving leagues, cups, and champions leagues, which will help even more people stay on the game. I'd definitely appreciate feedback on this, because it makes so much sense to me personally.
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    Hey Jcohen42,

    That's a well written explanation for your suggestion! These are really helpful. It's important for the developers to understand what is the exact reason for any suggestion as it may reveal an underlying issue that can be fixed via multiple methods, one of which to actually implement the specific suggestion.
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