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    Friendly between Associations.

    I think it would be cool to be able to play friendlies vs. another association. Like once a week (or season), can we be allowed to play a friendly against another association, with same features as regular association matches?
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    yea, see you in the field mac
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    So basically invite a whole F.A. group to a friendly bout. Hm, well there's the F.A. tournament for that.

    But then again, I get that you would like to have the option to actually chose a specific F.A. group and play a quick few matches with nothing at stake.

    Adding to my report. Thanks for the suggestion Pcmacdaniel.
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    haha.. Yeah , pcmacdaniel , i just come to this forum after thinking about this idea and plan to suggest this to top eleven management.. I'm bit surprised when i see this thread , exactly as what i'm thinking , hope this would be real next time ... lol