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Thread: Increase long term experience

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    Increase long term experience

    Here below some suggestions to improve this great game and sorry if ideas are repost of other people suggestion.

    In my opinion what Nordeus should increase is the long term experience.
    I try to explain better what I am trying to say.

    As the real world I woud like to grow fond to my players and to my team.
    I would like to have the same players for more than 5 years or all his entire career and then remember them as part of the history of my team.
    I would like to check how the players performed in his career and check my performances also, not only tournaments and leagues won.
    But also games, goals, wins, games played...

    Some ideas:

    Historical Statistics

    It would be nice to have historical statistics both on manager history and players history.

    Game Career

    Make easier to keep a top player in the team seeing the quality growing during the year. Now the game is structured to keep a player for no more than 3y and buying 18 FT players.

    That means you should invest more to keep the player in the team and make harder to find good players in the market. Performances should be linked to age, beeing at the maximum between 27-29.

    Having best teams or top performers made up of players less than 21yo to me is just a bug of the game.


    I am playing in the low levels and to me there are too many fake, bot, unused teams.
    Promotios should be limited, 8 are too much as it favours poor team to be promoted.
    User should be made used to tank in order to win trophies, as the real word...

    Hall of Fame Team

    A player that has been part of the team for 5 or more seasons, when retired even if is no more in the team, can enter Hall of Fame Team.
    Then organizing once a season a Hall of Fame Team Tournament using same rule as Assocation Tournaments (only star counts calculated as the average of the best 3-5 seasons he fully played in the team).

    Sent off

    Players should be sent off for more than 1 day


    Players should stay out for at least a minimum amount of days and not fully recovered with rest
    This would avoid team made of 15 players or less.

    Youth Academy

    More interactions with youths having the chance to see them grow when they are not in fist team (under 18) and until they are 21.


    Make "out of market" offers to all players in the last year contract without permission of other manager team


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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Mostly have been suggested before, but ok. You do make assumptions about many things, how players play, how managers play. Many don't keep veteran players, that's their decision.

    Hall of fame, historical stats +1 to both.
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