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    Here is the list of suggestions:
    * Suitcases: Correction of gifts that friends send in the game, because if 4 friends send us gifts we always end up getting one. We already suffered with the physical wear and I think this would help better control the wear and conditions of the players!

    * Transfer: It would be a good idea for the developers to put the option to search the players by parameters for the following positions that they want, because often they appear who do not want, and this inclusion already contains in the association about the position that we want to ask, Would be a great idea because in the transfer market this search tool.

    * Shopping: The purchase of suitcases (injuries, physical and psychological) should also be bought for the money of the game, ie those we earn with tickets, sales of players, recipes etc., because we often do not have tokens, but we have many Money in the box which would help us get such thing without needing tokens.

    * Friendly: I would like to give an idea to the developers about the opportunity to give us a friendly with José Mourinho without our team losing conditions, as we often need to test new tactics to hit front with stronger teams, and difficult competitions are always By vim. So, it would make a better decision easier to give tactics to be used in that difficult game that we will have earlier. Well lets put a new tactic at the time of a game will open space for a setback.

    * Records: Include record of wins, losses and draws during the season, including all competitions except associations. So every season we will see the performance improvement.

    Rewards: We should win rewards from competitions for top scorers, qualifiers and assistants. For if we seek the hardship of hiring them, we should be rewarded for the better, a more realistic thing, bringing us both reward and dedication during the tournament.

    * Grace: Option to donate money to friends who end up without enough money to pay wages, as well as we can send uniforms, suitcases, shields, we should also help those who always help us with fans and others. Unity is strength.

    * Recovery: The minimum time of conditions every 3 hours should be 10% or even 15%, depending on the amount of games on the day after, because in fact it is no notion the ads acquire more conditions than the next 3 hours.

    * Support: It would be extremely important to request support from our managers and supporters for important matches such as champions league final, cup and decisive moment in the league. The invitation would be done the same way when we sent a thank you, ie it would appear in the inbox with the data gives start, hour etc.

    Well that's it guys from the top eleven there are my suggestions, I hope you have liked, and enough to help all the managers.
    "I'll help you and you'll help me!"

    Success in the next update, hugs !!
    Att: Artur Noronha
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    Hey Artur ^_^

    Thanks for your suggestions! They sound pretty awesome. Just like a lot of Managers out there, I also struggle with the condition of my players, especially when I have a League, Championship and Cup match in the same day, so I can see the advantages of some of the ideas.

    Rest assured, I'll be forwarding them to the devs, so that they can take a look at them as well!
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    I have a suggestion for the Friends activity mail function. How about posting the results in there? It is easier than us having to go and look them up. It is a small thing but I would appreciate it.

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    add one more suggestion to have the ability to tape my game and i can make my own video analysis or
    i can press this button and I can see real analysis of of my team

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    goal replay ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gert Funck View Post
    goal replay ?
    Match replay!
    Give us option to save the latest match offline to watch again later.
    It wasn't our day.