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Thread: Showing the complete online match

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    Showing the complete online match

    I don't know what the point from not showing the complete online match or at least make it longer. (is it technical issue?)

    My point is to give the manager enough time to understand the opponent tactics so he can put the reasonable anti-tactics, it will be more fun and challenging between managers.

    I don't know if this suggestion already discussed before or no. but anyway thanks for this perfect game.

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    It is fun to watch, I appreciate it. Wouldn't mind option for more, but i think it has limits before it looks too far from what we expect to see when watching fútbal. I hope (and think) they'll keep adding animations; I think I've seen new ones in some updates. It's hard to believably, compellingly model from a math and programming perspective, I imagine.

    If you pay attention, I think you can learn to identify many visual clues. Or at least make better educated guesses. Tackling strength and passing focus are a good place to start. I've helped myself as a manager by experimenting with tactical change and sort of loosening up, if you play high press usually, drop to low for 20 minutes and see what happens
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    yea, why not.
    I wouldn't mind if it was + 5-6 minutes .
    Now I remember I was for coffee with a friend and a friend of him who was playing also a fm game (don't remember the name) and it had a real game duration.
    45' + 45' min - lol
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