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    Option to reject all future offers for a player

    Whilst I think it is a positive of the game that you can make offers for other people's players, I have recieved a ridiculous amount of offers from the same person in the space of a few days. I have no intention of selling this player, and whilst you could say to ignore the initial offer, I have noticed that having a pending transfer request restricts certain aspects such as using heal boosts in preparation for a match. Similarly to FIFA , you should be able to reject all future offers to stop spam bidding/harassment when there is no intention to sell.
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    Hi ^_^

    Thanks for the suggestion! This could be a nice addition to Top Eleven, due to the fact, just as you mentioned, it could stop other Managers from spamming you when you have no interest in selling a certain player. I myself have experienced some Managers overusing the negotiations options with the simple intend to annoy another user.

    Rest assured, I'll be reporting your idea to the devs.

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    Or add a "by default clause recission" to the players for what we wanna recive offers, to have a set price. So a manager pay this fixed price and he have the player automatically... and some others with a "non transferible option" ..but this means change slightly the market