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  Click here to go to the first staff post in this thread.   Thread: CL/SL standings, CUP drawing of my friends?

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    CL/SL standings, CUP drawing of my friends?

    Like in this old version?

    (Sorry Nik! Your next game was my base idea and i was in old version)

    CL/SL standings, CUP drawing of my friends?-clold.jpg

    I Bet this idea came up 3525x

    pleeeease Nordeus let us see something ^_^

    (More complete/complex peeking would be soo awesome!)
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    it's ok

    Well, it's not only that.
    I made an old suggestion, to be able to watch the teams which playing with their quality (like the asso games), not a 10* vs 10* or a 1* vs 1* (if they are from levels bellow).
    Also to be able to see more info (like if they 're playing their 2nd leg, having the info of the 1st leg)
    or if playing for the league, to know what is the current position.
    Sorry but as it is like now, I can't find any interest to watch a game, I just tab the support and leave.
    Only some finals I 'm watching or sometimes two friends who are playing together.
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    Agree. We should have a direct link to see Friends competitions entirely.... and I will say more, too all server CL's and so. This can be amazing with 500 people watching a match LOL

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    In your threads, administrating things up!
    Basically what we all would like is more info!.

    I get it, I do. The more you know the more involved you can get. I definitely like the sound of this to be honest. I know first hand how exiting it is to actually talk with people and friends about specific competitions. It's something I like about the F.A. - that "We're in this together" feeling.
    Hm, I remember that the introduction of the F.A. really reinvigorated my passion for the game.
    It's damn incredible to actually wait around and chat while waiting for an important match that one of your friends has to play and you all want to attend and cheer them on hah.

    But ye, it would be nice to get more and more details about what's happening around your friend's clubs.

    Just wanted to share this little story from recent weeks because it's a bit around the same point.

    So I brought 3 IRL friends of mine to Top 11. Showed them the basics, made them read my long-ass articles here in the forum and get educated a bit and finally made a new FA group of my own together with them.
    And onward we went to try and beat the competition each week in the FA tournaments. At first I thought their interest would wane with time (They aren't that much into football, the scrubs), but the opposite actually happened!
    Even though they are only level 1 they developed greater and greater interest for the game and started to try and snipe good players from the auction, started reading the Tactics forum here, constantly barrage me with all kinds of questions about the game and all that jazz. Not to mention how they started to get attached to their little start-up squads. Remembering the names of specific players that stand out during matches and in particular formations and what not.
    It's just... fascinating you know?
    It's really fun to get all pumped up about an upcoming match and discuss the game with zeal.

    But ye, all of this because we share a lot of info and details about each other's, well, careers in the game.

    The more the info & dtails, the greater the feel of connection and the greater the overall interest!
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