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    Hi ZANETTI and welcome to Top 11

    Tokens are one of the resources, needed by every Manager. And, as others already pointed out, you should think twice before spending them.

    As valuable advice, try to stray away from bidding wars, as they are an easy way to lose valuable Tokens. I myself have lost quite a few auctions and trust me, it's not nice.

    But fret not, there are ways to attain Tokens without buying them. You can complete offers and surveys ( You can find an overview of all available offers for your platform and region by clicking on the T (Token) symbol at the top of the screen. Simply choose the “Free Tokens” tab and click “Show Offers”. ), sign TV contact deals, which are located in the "Finances" menu, selling players to other Managers via the Negotiation feature (available when you reach lvl 4) and from reffering friends to Top Eleven.

    Oh and lets not forget the Football Associations (FA for short)!
    Not only can you earn a good amount of tokens at the end of each season (and boosters each week) but you will also be playing together with your friends. In the FA it doesn't matter how far in to the game your friends are. Together you can group up with them and create an association, where each week you'll play a football tournament against an opposing association. Check out our online F.A.Q. where you can watch a whole tutorial video about the FA.

    P.S. Oh btw, my colleague Jeeves (The other Admin) wrote up a nice article that aims to help out fresh new Managers. He actually spoke how new Managers shouldn't just rush out with spending everything they have in one play session. Give it a read.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZANETTI View Post
    Another problem is that i started a construction but i must wait 3 days to finish that construction. I think we should use tokens on minimize time constructions. Ok, PricopGeorgeCătălin i'll retain what you said. I hope that i can be able to adapt to Top Eleven game rules very soon but is too hard for me. Thanks! Respect! (i'm romanian like your name)

    Edit: I must not play not even one friendly because my friends are too advanced for me - big problem.
    I'm not sure but i think i make many tokens gifts to my advanced friends hoping that i'll recive some tokens from them. Good job on me!
    You can neither gift nor be gifted tokens, only rests, treatments, morale and skill points. You need to obtain a familiarity with the game real quick. If the game were any less difficult, it would be extremely boring. I, like several other people have never spent a $ on the game. Signing players and having a successful season requires some smarts. It's like real life. Think up cunning but legal[ I'm not sure there're any ways to cheat anyway. If there are, I've never heard about them. ] methods that might help you get ahead of the pack. I could give you a few ideas on how I sign players without splurging my tokens, but it would ruin things for you. Figuring things out by oneself is usually a lot more fun.

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