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    Team selection aid

    Hi I'm new to forum posts bit have been playing top eleven for 4 plus years. I have a few suggestions but one I would really like put in to the game.
    That is three squads. One for league one for cup and on for champions league. Using your 25 allocated players you can pick a squad for your league which might be all your best players as u might be aiming for promotionow. Or a cup squad with more weaker players as you don't want to tire out your good players.
    Nothing complicated almost like your penalty picks just a match day 16 for each competion. A easier easy to rotate players
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    Are you suggesting the system keeps track of 3 formation and tactics that you can swap between? Just making the process easier than moving players between each match?

    I'm sorry, I just don't quite understand your suggestion.

    Personally, I do rotate players regularly. Some managers suspect individual players may be a best fit for only certain competitions; for example you might have a ST who rates 8-9-9-10-7 in league but 7-7-7-6 in cup or CL.
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    i would prefer if we could hv a academy squad team 16 -18yo. you can fill your 3 first team squad player. you can sign 1 every week when they reach 18yo. so you can train them as well.
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    Nice ideas guys

    Keep 'em coming, I'll be forwarding them to the devs.