Lots of users have examples of AM advice being somewhere between, oh... laughably uninformed and downright working-for-the-enemy counterintuitive.

But even when it's on point, I think there's room to improve the post-game reports to be more instructive for the player. Here's my example:

Keep improving post-match AM report-screenshot_2017-03-16-12-06-55.jpg

I appreciate the positive messages, because some of the negative (the other team was a better team than we are) feel frustrating.
However, you wouldn't know from this summary that it was a 1-0 win, scoreless until 89', with a measly 3 SoT from 22 shot attempts. I can look at the ratings and stats and make some guesses, but advice more like "the opponent covered our mixed passing really well today" in the mix could be helpful.

Keep improving post-match AM report-screenshot_2017-03-16-12-07-05.jpg
Keep improving post-match AM report-screenshot_2017-03-16-12-07-34.jpg
Keep improving post-match AM report-screenshot_2017-03-16-12-07-39.jpg