Another thing I always defended is that game should propose us some type of targets (and sack us from our own club if we have no success LOL).... I think can be sane and give a new air to the gam if we start relating the economical part to the targets we can achieve in the game, for example:

Sponsorships related to last season success:
Biweekly contract if we'r out Top 8 - Promotion contract
Weekly Contract -The Nivea One- if we 'r 5th till 8th
Daily contract if we 'r insdide the Top 4 or we win a trophy.

Extra of Tokens for Semifinalists - Finalists of Cup/NML/CL and League Top 3
Even if it's few, for non Token buyers is a little help regarding a better posibility in the market or bid, then Token buyers will use these mostly for greens as they have covered the buying part as well if they now how to bid lol) .

And more or less this is a variable of something Ive suggested related to targets and so.