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    Goalkeeper Shirts

    Is there any way we can have more variety in the colours of Goalkeeper Shirts? Currently I've got a green first colour shirt as my home colours, and the default green colour 'keeper shirt is not that much different. Surely it isn't a big job to have a yellow or red shirted 'keeper when green is the colour of the outfield players' shirts? This is really prevalent in matchplay mode, when the buttons representing the players are the shirt primary colour with numbers the secondary colour (in my case white numbers on dark green button). The 'keeper is a slightly lighter green with black numbers, but in the heat of battle, I've lost sight of him...

    The 'keeper shirt should also change depending on the colour of the opposition shirts, as I've had similar issues when away. Distinguishing my team is OK, orange buttons and green 'keeper. But when the opposition is wearing green, similar problems ensue.

    Ideally we should be able to design a 'keeper shirt and colours to suit ourselves, we can see what the opposition colours are, we could then choose our 'keeper's colour so that clashes do not occur - ooops, more tokens to be spent...
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    Thanks for the suggestion, talisman

    I agree, some variety regarding the goalkeeper's shirt might be a nice enhancement to the game and add some more dimension to it, even if it may be regarded a small cosmetic change. I myself also sometimes lose track of my goalkeeper, especially when I am attending a Live match and doing 3 other activities at the same time

    Rest assured, I'm forwarding this.
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