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    Trainings/style of test¿?... drill? to test the Special Abilities....

    I do it as a routine... when season starts, I do frienlies, if a man in FK fail, I change this for another, if fail, another... and then if the man that shoot the 3rd FK scores I keep him and I do another friendly to verify that is the man as I know that, I can have, 5 FK specialists but as the game want me to manage, only one will be the best... and my work is find hi m cause a FK is a FK and a FK is a goal chance that can mean 3 poitns.... same with corners----

    I wonder if we can have some type of tests included in the training drills to test fast all players we wanna test in a round of 10 FK's simulated as in a real match to make it easy....

    ...Same with Shadow striker... 1vs1 GK.... etc.

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    Sounds cool and useful.

    I can imagine this like a feature inside the training system.

    2D breakthroughs of specific match situations. You could have the normal drills on one hand and the "situation-simulations™" on the other.
    For all the set-pieces so this way you can gauge who's better at his job (and even check out who benefits the most of special abilities).

    It sound like a big thing to add as well. Don't know how far up the priority list something like this can go right now but hey, an overhaul of the training system looked daunting at first as well, once.
    Maybe something similar can be implemented, who knows.

    One way or another thanks for the suggestion.
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