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Thread: Association - Add Games Played

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    Association - Add Games Played

    Not sure if this has been suggested before:

    I reckon it would be nice to add a column with matches played in the Association overview. We currently have total points, but two different players with same amount of points could have taken very different number of games to reach that point total.

    Or even better - win/draw/loss count.

    This would also be useful in identifying players who are systematically under-performing. Currently it is difficult to track unless one was to note down results after every association tournament.

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    But having said that, the whole info table for associations is useless.
    Fair friendlies won - so what?
    Bonuses shared - ok I'll give them that one. That's useful.
    Points - A = useless without number of matches played.
    - B = even with the simple formula of points won divided by matches played this doesn't take into account loans made/received, quality of opponent faced ( highest quality has the best from the opposition, lowest vs lowest). Or the amount of times a manager has supported.
    Loans - ok I'll give them that one too.
    In short. I've been the captain of two associations and I've still not found a way to accurately measure the individual contribution of association members.
    Good idea though. Number of matches played.