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Thread: Players development

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    Players development

    I just like to know if the managers that play Top Eleven would like this......everyone haves one player in the team or two that make a verry good season,but when the season ends and you level up,your player qualities are going down.I sugest that players that stand above the teams level,the player that is woow,24 goals in the league,best player,top assist must remain at the same lvl and get something frome that woow season he had.I think the top eleven team can come up with something to keep your best player in the same level,not bring him down like the ones that did not perform good.Hope you all understand even if my english dictionary is not to good.
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    Agreed. It's very annoying to have to deal with my best performing players being out-ranked by new transfers at the beginning of the next season.

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    I had a 32 year old player at 42% retiring, he was top league rated, top goals scored, most MoM that season.
    Last season my ST was 40%, second lead scorer.
    40% defender rated as well as 18-27 year olds much higher Q%.
    I used 2 subs ≈20%, both rated 7-8 in their sub matches.
    My team was 3rd in league, way under -20% compared to other top 8 teams, but we beat the winner 2x in league +2x in CL.

    Quality doesn't not matter as much individual player talents.

    Without veteran players losing 1 star, managers cannot make the skill points balance well. It's important to adjust players each season.

    This season I will players 20% in my starting line up, it's not a risk for me. Some players stay consistent in rating, some drop slowly, many must be fired eventually. But managers should look for old players who stay strong.
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