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    World Cup of Associations

    I think that is posible to do a Cup facing the best assos of each country, using 1 or 2 seasons to develop a interesting tournament that should have a final round with the best 4.

    If the last week for example we play the "final four", so we do it in one season of 4 weeks, the round before would need 16 assos, the 2nd 64 and the 1st 256.

    So only the winner go to next round in my suggestion, 3 eliminated.

    I really would do it representing mostly of countries maybe in a proportion of associations created and always without chance to manipulate the draws so taking into account the contry that everyone has choosen when started the asso.


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    Thanks for the suggestion @Khris

    Sounds pretty dope to me! A competition like this one might really get all the members of FAs to step up their game and give their all And the cool thing is every country will have the opportunity to fight for the first place.

    Rest assured, your idea is added to my report
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