I am one of these that think that the associations are a great feature but the idea to give tokens there has changed the routine of many managers.

As since time ago Ive been defending the idea to go per targets, restart the achievements every season etc

I will suggest add a 2nd contract that should be signed when season starts, related to the manner we wanna play during the season, and that should be used to bring the tokens to, one option of playing or another.

So yeah, I am trying to suggest the idea to unlink the rewards of tokens with the FA weekend tournaments, so weekly, we would recive tokens (the same as now we recive when we win a FA tournament) in the case that, for example we finish the 1st week as leaders, if we continue playing the cup or we are 1st-2nd in the CL group stage.

These tokens would be reduced if we are in worst situation (as when we don't win the FA basically) and the truth is that now I suggest the option to choose between 2 modes, but my idea and what I really think is that the FA should be a extra tournament to win, some tokens, yes, but the main prize should be resources, and the important competitions where to obtain T's should be these that create a movement, so promote the teams in the place to make them to be stuck in a same level to be stronger in the FA's...

Too I would like to see the FAs extended and have competitions programmed during the middle week, as can be the loved and expected "super cup" facing SL vs CL winners and a tournament for Cup winners, and do new tournaments inclusive add the option of an editor to create our own amateur and fast competitions.