Today I thought about the idea to see some member of the company sharing it's experience with his team... but then came to my mind another idea... and is that I think that can be awesome create something that can be "the best of the best inside the Top Eleven comunity", and is create a league for 14 managers -that will represent the comunity- and give them the chance to manage a team -reply of their T11 teams?- but playing more in equal conditions, to fight for the biggest prizes and some Items of the real shop.

Another option is do a Cup with the choosen 32-64 , but the idea or concept, is make of this something special, like the best place where you can arrive inside T11 and should be something more public. I think that can increase the interest for the game, it's good name and image, like when you are related with Mourinho or Stoke, these are things that give value.

The best ones can be choosen by different ways.. maybe the best players (or older ones?lol) that are active or inclusive can be done a selection f world managers doing elimination rounds per countries. Or simply do a selection of players that are more known in the community.

Something very, very limited, with the best rewards never seen.