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Thread: Relegation battle and countries cup

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    Relegation battle and countries cup

    Am one of those who play top eleven with miner team called fc narroz .l really enjoy the perfections of this game but l would suggest some issues to be taken considerally .The league should have promotion and relegation for teams .top four for champions league,other four for nivea super cup .now l suggest from 12-14 to be considerally be among relegation here l mean ,if the team is in level 12and the season ended 9th that should remain at the same level but if it ended 13th should be relegated to level 11 its enjoyable ....
    Another issue is that if the season ends every top eleven manager should choose the country they prefer in order to coach it ,ex me my currently club is fc narroz and if am to choose country lets say france during holiday wereby the season has ended lets we managers compete for country tornament atleast for two days before the season begins .you may call it world cup or internationship cup coz our player have their countries but they dont play for the country only club ..third issue to suggest is to put supercup ,here u should be the winner of champions league and the winner of nivea super cup should compete for the open of new coming season likewise in league and cup community shield ...
    Loaning of player to fellow friends it should be available in order to stimulate our players perfomance in different levels eg wayne rooney from fc narroz to fc ghyop for long season loan or short but the reward for loan should be put with tokens ..lastly awards for best top scorer ,rated and assists should be given tokens. And the winner of the league should be given tokens ..thank you

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    thats mean if relegated the players will increase 1 star?

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    Relegation is part of the game as for Promotion. What I think for star changes in such cases is that the only players who would earn their star back would be the ones you had before being promoted the league you have just been relegated from. This would also portray a fresh breathe for tanking players...

    However, what I have seen in this game is the following;
    managed teams take the first 8-10 positions
    abandoned teams are taking the rest.

    So why would nordeous make such a move for implementing this anyway? For abandoned players? It doesn't make much sense..