I'm not so fan of the idea to play games without limits, because tend to overflow, and be very partial for a group of players.

So I think that should be a "advantage for promoted teams" the option to train players under the 7*.

Have no sense a Real Madrid with a CR7 been 16th every season true?.

Really, I think that some themes will need more sooner than later a deep reflection to change some game dynamics IMO...

The first thing I would like to see in a future T11, but, is the option to set x2 formations for the daily matches, in a practical way, not a big improvement, then slight changes as the one mentioned, some to solve the Asso's abuse -this just don't allowing leave the asso when it starts- and improve and expand the public side of T11 doing something more participative in real life with the managers.
I'm one, and I've been since time a believer that touching just a couple of things of the technical part of the game, is enough to do a next step and do a T11 more real, and proper to the managers, with a world competition and more stuffs based in bring the game to the real life and more next to the managers.

Still believing that as company Nordeus, have the potential -despite the simplicity of the game- compared with other companies with FB games, to have a expansion in these areas.