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Thread: FAs vol.2 -annex

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    FAs vol.2 -annex

    ****attention this is a debate with myself for myself to autodiscuss options to solve the FAs problems, maybe you'll not understand the mix of ideas but the important is that I'll get a conclusion after this lol***

    Oke, here my thoughts about what can occur if we simulate my suggestion about close the FAs when the season start and make them like in a career mode, where the starting teams should remain to achieve prizes.

    -The point is that, this don't solve exactly all the issues that FAs are experiencing, this can end, with the manipulation when for example lower AvQ teams are moved and so but, the point is that, till some level some trick can still exist and the idea of what I've defended as FAs, is a "tournament of level where the best teams compete" this means that to fix and calibrate the "holes" that always will exist with the manipulations and so, some extra points should be given, taking into account, the regular season's performance.

    So let's call is factor "E" of extra, ranking should be made with the normal points + individual "E" points coming from the individual teams seasons.
    I would give +250 extra points for those who promote (this should be a extra to calculate the final ranking, that don't lose the 20% once season starts cause, then these are fully discounted).

    Then there's a lot of "game" that can be implemented with the 3 types of FAs available, for example, those who join with 4 members cound stay in a nother ranking and play some cup format... so, those who win, will face each other in the 2nd week, then again, and till the finale.

    (this really solves the problem that we have now, now that I think LOL)


    lol the 01/08/18 was meant to be 1/8 round, but this thing added a date xD

    Then I have to add, every week have specific points for being 1st -4th, if you lose the 1st week, you will face the last 3 weeks teams from there, with the corresponding points of the round.
    As said to make the final ranking, "E" points from regular league can be given to valorate the effort and the real potential of each club.
    FAs vol.2 -annex-fas-anex.png

    so yep, is a point, some treats of manipulation can be avoided if , week 2, we face winners of week 1 vs winners of week 1... 2nd with 2nds , 3rd with 3rds....

    This with the eliminations systems I did or without too... in a closed FAs format...... hmmmmm

    I'm gonna do a resume adding more stuffs too, cause this is gonna create headache xD

    -Point 1: draws, made using AvQ or Rankings? IMO, using the ranking ends with the problem even without close the asso groups.
    -Point 2: give extra points if the teams promote. To count for the final leaderboard, so added last day(?), then those would be fully deleted once season starts.
    Point 3: There I went to a format of assos in what every week is a round, so the draws are fixed, because winners of week 1 will face each others next week, 2nds vs 2nds etc....

    Point 4: Give the points per team, so, only those who joined the week 1, would add points to the group
    Point 5: If we consider the 4 weeks as 4 rounds, and we face, 1sts vs 1sts, the last week will have, (if we use 256 assos) 4 assos that won 3 weeks true? so a point can be give more points per round if you won the previous week. (so not 50+50+50+50) maybe 30+40+60+70)

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    Good idea to group the 16 Asso FA team match for whole season.

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    it's been a hard day and I 'm little dizzy so cannot understand clearly your suggestion but ...
    you are saying that the q of a team will count on for the first (and final) draw of a season ?
    So a trickster can enter with a 1* team and then buy whatever players he wants for the rest of the season without affecting anymore the draw/ next games ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by nikolgiorgos View Post
    it's been a hard day and I 'm little dizzy so cannot understand clearly your suggestion but ...
    you are saying that the q of a team will count on for the first (and final) draw of a season ?
    So a trickster can enter with a 1* team and then buy whatever players he wants for the rest of the season without affecting anymore the draw/ next games ?
    IMO the best plan is use the 256 best assos to, do the draws of all season. Winners would face winners, 2nds 2nds, 3rds 3rds, and 4ths 4ths.

    This is part of the re-mix of ideas I wrote here, what includes a "option/suggestion" that tankers will not like for example, as is add +250 points per team if this promotes, so give value to the effort and have a ranking made from a different perspective.

    Points added just for the top 100 ranking** so full deleted once season starts****

    Yeah i see Im so complex writing really, many things there lol

    Like keep the idea of consider each week a round and give more points in future rounds if you have access by winning in the previous week and so,,,

    complexity xD


    the trickster can join round 1, with a 1* team but then will have no option to leave
    this is the point 1, if "draws are made using avQ"
    but imo, draws should use the ranking, to create fixed season draws, with 256 assos in total

    Keep this point in mind, cause is key****
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    I don't play those shit asso tournaments anymore, but if I may add some thought's. Basically, it would be very trivial
    to make fair competitions within the various associations.

    By creating divisions based on the league results of the association members you could almost completely
    get rid of manipulations. Actually, there are divisions ranging from bronze to platinum. One may simply put
    only associations, who's members (all of them...) place within the top 4 within the league into platinum,
    the 5-8 placed within gold divisions, and the remaining tankers and shit the bed teams into the lowest one...

    Of course, the number of members per asso would have to be limited to just 4 players.

    That would mean, only the top teams can get and remain within platinum, as all members need to finish
    the league within the first 4, e.g. within the CL places. If just one of the members fails, down into gold division.

    For the rest of the pack, basically the same. Of course, you would need to compute an average for all members
    by assigning points to their respective league position. Much less headache and just plain and simple - fair!

    Well, at least it sounds fair and simple, but I do realize that is too much of math for the makers of this game...
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    This is a very good thread.

    One thing i want to point out is that draw manipulation isn't as effective as it used to be.

    1. No more loans

    2. The quality of the 6 seed is often being dropped from the calculation for the association draw (this is a personal observation from head-to-heads, if anyone has seen opposite please refute ) I apologize for not saving any screenshots of it; what's happening is draw manipulators are coming in as a 5* association when having two fake accounts and one or more of the other assoc are at a high 6*/low 7* average at the draw. Qualities at the draw are within roughly 5% of each other if quality of the 6 seed is not accounted for. I've seen it a couple times in my associations so far. I'll remember to take a screenshot next time I see it.

    Upselling and mutancy I believe is the trend going forward. Draw.exploiters are.risking alot for head-to-head clash with mutants if their 4 seed is overpowered. Should be 1 - 16/0 - 18/3 - 15 with very little margin for error for the top 3 seeds.
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