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Thread: Suggestion for a new negotiation system

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    Suggestion for a new negotiation system

    Now i'm level 4 and the negotiation system that i saw was a disappointment, sorry.
    I suggest to introduce in some way the old transfer system back on track with some critical changes.

    First i think it is better to cancel the rule of 99%. Now we can offer any player of our squad but if i offer a player can only be seed by managers at the same level.
    For example if i'm level 4, i can offer players to level 4 managers or the opposite. I think that would be great for high levels.

    Second about money must keep the same rule as the current (sell on an auction) system for the managers that offer a player in negotiations. The buyer manager can offer the same money or more but not less. Money is connected with the token offer. More tokens more money.

    Third about tokens. Must cancel this minimum token offer. We can introduce an auto system of minimum and maximum token offer that is connected with the quality of the player that is offered by a manager in negotiation system.
    The first price must be included in this minimum , maximum token price. Not less from the minimum not more from the maximum offer that allows the auto system..
    The buyer manager can offer at least the same tokens. But would be nice to keep some tax for using the negotiation system to buy or sell a player. 80% or 90% or 100% of his final offer ,tokens must return to company back to keep the balance (sometime must understand this all the managers). That amount it depends from you guys in nordeus.

    Fourth is about time in negotiations. When we offer a player in negotiations is appeared for 2,3 or 4 hours or more. Then is the time that the buyer managers can make a first token offer but they can changed that offer only with a better offer. After 2,3 or 4 hours past, begin the second-final round. The top 3 manager offers goes to the second-final round that last for 5 min. In this round managers made the final offer that is hidden from each other (if they want to change the
    first offer). When the time is over the final offers are opened and the better offer takes the player. The managers that failed they don't lose the tokens and the money from they offers.
    The same rule if the max offers for a player is only 2.
    If has only one offer , it ends in the fist round. Second round is not necessary.
    No offers, player removed from the negotiation system. If the manager wants to offer that player again is free to do that.

    And final limit the offers that can make a manager (2,3,4 or 5 not more).

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    We made some sugestions about negotiations in this thread

    it's been almost two years before