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    Top Scorer, Top Rated, and Top Assists player should get skill boosts

    Right now winning Golden Boot or being highest rated player for a season has no upside other than bragging rights.

    At the end of the season, the Top Scorer should get +15% on shooting and finishing attributes, Top Rated player should get +15% on one each of the Defense, Attack, and Physical attributes of the managers choosing (i.e. I could pick to add 15% to one of the Defense attributes, one of the Attack attributes, and one of the Physical attributes), and the Top Assists player should get +15% on passing and creativity.

    To compensate for increased abilities (and for realism), each of these players' salaries should go up by 15% as well.
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    i would say just an indication of the player's achievements should be enough.
    a golden shoe,ball,arrow on him or maybe his name becomes golden.

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    Hey @mjslaby And welcome to the Forum!

    This type of suggestion is quite popular in the forum, I myself have seen it emerge numerous times And I agree, some extra rewards for these players may make the users more ambitious to earn them. I especialy enjoy the idea of a 15% raise to the salaries of these players, it is always good to try and add some realism to the game!

    I will be on my way to forward your suggestion to the devs
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