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    This player should lose no skill points either until age 31 or 32. Messi and Ronaldo for example are going to be great in any league.
    People might spend more tokens upfront to create a superstar.
    I will admit that I am about to quit. Tired of changing players after 3 or 4 seasons. The game is about people even pretend ones. This game really could be played without anyone having a name. They want the game to have some reality about it but when you are benching 23 year olds then selling them the next season then it becomes rote.
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    as i said on an older post.
    the golden era of the players 18-23 years old should be later on 23-28.nothing will change for nordeus.negotiations will keep as they are.
    maybe 26+ learn SA easier.

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    If you look at the breakdown of ages within successful squads in real life there are a few young guys under 22 , a few older guys over 29 with the majority in that mid section of 23-28. This is a recipe for your squad reaching its maximum potential which is known and acknowledged worldwide. Sure occasionally teams that dont fit into this formula are actually successful but the vast majority fit this formula.
    It would be great for this game to follow something that is real.
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    Some of you look back and remember how it was while some of us look forward to see what it could become

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