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    Post I would love to see these features

    I have been playing Top Eleven since December. Below are a couple of features I believe are VERY important and should be added to the game for the sake of quality of life.

    Idea 1: Having different squad setups/tactics for League, Cup, Champion/Super League. I would love to be able to run different setups, tactics, and players depending on which game I am playing. If I know I can win easily in the groups. I can set a team that is not my top tier and save my best players for important matches. Or if I wanted to focus on a different tournment. I could set a bad team in the tournment I want to not participate in. I do relize how Top Eleven coudl see this as a way they might lose money, but I think it is a very important QoL issues.

    Idea 2: Training is very tedious and long task. Most players have an off app notes/pictures for each positions drills. I would love it if I could save a set of drills and name it for the postion or player it is intended for. I believe that this would make training an easier progress meaning that players could train players and would use more re$t pack$ and spend money on re$t pack$.

    Hopefully, the development teams will SERIOUSLY consider my ideas and add them for the sake of QoL.

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    Hi @Burgerbros ! Welcome to the forum

    These ideas are probably one of the most popular suggestions, so be sure that a lot of users share your perspective

    I've added this to my report to the devs!

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