1 - we play with our team, to unlock players for 1 national team.
2- In groups of 4 managers, we unlock players for that national team.
3- We play between us in some way, to manage the national team and play a 1/16's comp... ¿?

Another option is, we, use the same national teams x4, each one unlocks their own players, and the winner can do a definitive national team chosing players from the 3 eliminated teams.

¿?... entertaining... xD

Then this can be a 4 in 1 in some sense, allowing 1 daily bar condition, or free training bonus, per manager (so x4 in each national team... )
so something contributive with a definitive manager per national team and who could win prizes for the 4...

¿? is another way to do it, more elaborated than a "route" with 7 teams..