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Thread: Negotiations - Update

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    Negotiations - Update

    I quite like using the negotiations transfer market to get some high quality young players but would like to see the following amendments to it:

    - 0 token offers shouldn't be allowed. Should be a 2 token minimum as why would you sell a player you'd bought for 1 token (at least)?
    - Would be nice to have some form of communication with the managers buying and selling or shorten the period to 4 hours
    - You should also be able to cancel your bid once you've made it

    Anything else you'd like to see change in negotiations?

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    There is a full pack here
    Your's included
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    0 token offers should be eliminated. Agreed.
    But 24 hours is good. There's a certain amount of pleasure to be found in finding the fecker who offers zero tokens and then watching their squad for the next 24 hours to see if they manage to sign a player in the position same as the one they've offered me nothing for, and then.............letting them have my player! Knowing that they've now spent at least 8 tokens on a player they no longer need.
    And that is as good a reason as any for not allowing a negotiation to be cancelled. Sometimes I will need to find a replacement on auction before selling a player through negotiations. It's good to know that I have 24 hours to watch the auctions.
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    Did the negotiations system change? I cannot make an offer to a player who has already another bid. I get the following warning:

    Negotiations - Update-img-5752.jpg

    Anybody have an idea what this is?