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Thread: New Youth Team proposal

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    New Youth Team proposal

    Hello guys,

    I have a proposal for the re-vamping of the game so it becomes a bit more interesting, in my opinion.

    -currently we get two new youth players every once in a while, depending on the level of our Academy;
    -we have useless events like National Teams, which is disconnected from the main game and at least for me, uninteresting.

    My proposal is as follows:

    Replace the current Academy system with a full team of youth players, with matches against academies of the other teams in the League.

    How it should work:
    The games and management system can have some similarities to National Teams model:
    -all team training without specific exercise selection;
    -no goal/appearances/etc stats for the players in the youth team (keeps the servers less busy);
    -we get to play the daily match as managers, just like a normal match.

    Some features that would be cool:
    -youth players should be of the nationality of the manager, with the possibility of having 2-3 players of different nationality;
    -testing youth players in the main squad (temporarily moves the player to main squad, for 2-3-4 days);
    -at various intervals, we are forced to promote youth players to main squad (it will replace the current randomly generated Academy players, but we get to CHOOSE the players that we noticed have good growth/performances);
    -there is a coach for each section of the youth team: GK, Defence, Mid, Attack. This coach can be chosen from a retiring team member of the main squad. Depending on the stats of the retiring player, it will give a slight boost in training for that area (eg.: a GK with more than 100 games for the main team will give % increase in youth GK training, a retired ST with more than 100/200/etc goals in the main team will give %increase depending on the number of goals). This will also increase the emotional involvement with the players we grow and like, as we will still see their names around the club;
    -players get replaced once they reach the age of 20 y.o. and were not promoted to main team.

    Improvement that this feature would bring:
    -more involvement with the team;
    -slight reduction of the tanking tactics (no tanking teams built with 2* Academy players unless you decide to lose some good players by not promoting them);

    Some changes that have to be made:
    -the game will need younger aged players (the Academy should be formed of 16-19 y.o.);
    -if this is possible, maybe extending the retirement age would also be possible (34 y.o. AT MOST for retiring is too fast, as we know from the real world)

    If you guys have any opinions or additional ideas on this topic, feel free to post them here
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    Great idea.
    If this is possible- selling our youths that we don't need to 1/2 lower level clubs for tokens.
    Every player leaves the club after 21 yo old.
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