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Thread: Project - FWA- Federation of World Associations

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    Project - FWA- Federation of World Associations

    I'm gonna write the skecth of a thought I had, that could be implemented to have a funnier Top 100 in the place of a "fixed" one full of 3* tankers and without any kind of emotion.

    So, the plan would be open right now the organizing committee that will have to create a system of National Federations to compete exclusively inside the top 100 during a X period of time and be shown off inside a different competition.

    The idea is to propound it as a game out-game, so, the plan will be:
    -We create an amount of football federations (England, Germany etc)
    -Each federation chose a "president"
    -This will have the job to select 2 FA groups of his country (not his own FA) to compete during X time (6 months?) inside the Top 100, adding +1.000 points in their associations.
    -Once the period is over, there should be a new president and, the National FAs that participated there, should be changed.
    -We could add too the rule of demote the 2 Worst Federations and allow to join another 2 (let's say, we chose 12 Countries -24FAs- so, the 2 worst countries could be excluded next half year.

    The spots covered by these 24 FAs would have, special T. prizes achievable (maybe a jersey for each month winner?) only with the condition of promotion of their teams.
    The 25th spot in the table woould be, like the actual 1st spot and should have the same Top 10 rewards for the teams out of this "mini comp".

    -FAs may be subject to few fair play rules, such as don't leve the FA etc.

    to edit*

    Edition II: -Entire Project re-written. Resume and so per points

    Federations Tournament inside the Top 100

    These days I did a comeback to eRepublic lol... which is a game mainly about politics and war, and that, have almost all the infraestructure that manages the governments, and the parties that go to the elections, created out-game, so all is runned by players out game mainly and the developers are in touch with the different players that have important charges doing a country management etc.

    So Ive been thinking that the top 100 could have something different managed by the own players, and maybe focused on, have a interesting competition, involving, different countries, + old managers from top servers + associations with a high amount of points gathered "individually" by it's managers.

    So here the points of my suggestion:
    -We can create in the forum, a page per Federation (let's say each regular forum have one -not sure about Indo's lol-) so we have more or less 12 starting Federations:
    -England, Germany, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Russia too...
    till 12.
    -Then we open 1 thread per Federation and we chose a President, now interim, that will have the job to find 3 Associations to play inside the Top.
    -Those who are Presidents can't chose it's own FA
    -We sum, (with dev's help xD) 5.000 points in the base of these assos' (out of the seasonal -20% comput') so we will have 39 FAs in the Top.
    -The actual Top 10 rewards can be moved till the place 40th onwards and we can introduce new Rewards for Top 100 places linked to promotion.
    -During 6 months, these 39 FAs will stay representing it's country and having access to some extra top 100 rewards
    -Last week of each season, we could have a Final 4 like 4thVS1st 3rdVS2nd for the 1st spot.
    -Once the 6 months are over -before really, we chose new President (it could/will be a representative position xD) and each Federation have to chose 3 new FAs
    -Then maybe we can mange to demote/promote or try other stuffs,

    ****to edit

    Edit III:
    Organization chart / Internal organization

    Presidency Council - Formed by Known members (5-7 members, always odd) -partially the mod's staff if they wish-, and who can't participate in these tournaments. (Their asso's should be publicly known then) They will receive the Federation Suggestions of elegible FAs from the Federation Presidencies and will have to chose the 3 that will represent their Nation with a impartial criteria*

    Federation Presidency (England, Germany Spain, Serbia, Romania maybe representing the Main Forums and those more actives like Russia-Poland etc)
    -It will be interim in the 1st half year, without options of participating with it's own FA, and then after this 6 months period, will elegible, and will choose (checking out, via Poll somewhere etc always with a good "basis" ) 7-10**(maybe less/more) FAs of his country to be suggested as posible participants, then the Council will choose 3 of these.
    -The proposed assos should have;
    -Old players from Top Servers
    -A good amount of points gathered per member individually (+500 almost all)
    -Fair play assos' who promote are welcome to represent its country. Multi-accounts will be straightly forbidden.
    -...will have the right to choose a Federation Flag for it's own presidency period┬┐?

    **Bra+Por? Spa+confederation of latin assos┬┐***

    world ranking, still would be needed a ranking of activity inside T11 to give spots (I dont see many French FAs lol), giving option to a mixed federation Portugal-Brazil and Spanish + SA (4 spots both 2+2?)
    Project - FWA- Federation of World Associations-world-ranking.jpg
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    Edited and re-written** pending of more edits.