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Thread: Top Servers -theoory about the non collapse

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    Top Servers -theoory about the non collapse

    I will try to explain why would be good spare the top server teams to dont collapse the servers due the distance between L1 -Top L that is what cause the collapse

    Top Servers -theoory about the non collapse-top-theory.png

    aproximation* of what happens xD

    We should understand the power of the exponentiallity on this, and calculate that, for example, if we want something like in the example needed, like the double of levels from one level to the following one, thsis is like the known problem of the "wheat and chessboard" what show the power of the exponentiallity.

    so if we do a calculation about the teams needed to have something like this looks like,

    14 teams in l50
    x2 L49
    x2 l48

    so 14.336 teams needed in L40

    14.680.064 in level 30... and we go to Billions at L1

    So, thats why the servers collapsed after the merge 3 years ago.

    Thats why I will try to explain graphically why the top servers should have a different formula, in what X= min level (ex. L40) Y=max. level =L50 need a independent and constant movement - like a worm under the ground- to move the teams from the bottom to the top constantly, and "keep the top Level" inside the correct distance between X and Y.

    Because X and Y cant work out from a distance, as it collapses.
    So yeah. basically X level, need to promote always one time every 3 seasons, "entirely", and once this happens the top, needs the oposite, needs to stop for 1 season to keep an amount of teams between X and Y and allow the swinging, that lengthens and shortens the distance.

    to edit*

    -yep- we could promote the whole 14 teams of all levels, and there will be no stuck teams.
    -yep, it doesnt matter which one is the minium level, if it is the L1 or the L40 meanwhile we keep a distance between the min level and the top.
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