In the level I am now, there are no less than seven 140%-170% tankers in my league, and they seem to be deciding who is going to win by selectively tanking/non tanking in matches against league leaders. In a couple of hours have an impossible match against a player who is last in the league but has a 162% squad and has decided to field it in a non-tanking formation against me, who am at the moment first in the league. This had already happened once in the first round which is finishing now (there I managed to get a draw).

However, my suggestion this time is not directly related to fight tanking but is meant instead to incentive those players who do not want to tank.

Why not have leaderbords for win/draw/loss *percentages*, which is the only stat in top eleven telling you who is a good player?

This way, players who don't tank could have a feeling of how they are doing compared to others. Also, legend players in the game could be discovered and universally known.

Leaderboard should *not* be made on season stats, but on whole career stats. There should be two leaderboards, one with only players of each given level, and a global one (maybe including only players of level above, say, 10, to have a significant statistics).

Leaderboards could give small prizes at the end of each season (say a handful of blues/greens) but that's not the point of my suggestion. The point is to know how real players who manage their squad at their best each season are doing.

The formula for points could be:

- Compute career win/draw/loss percentages, including two decimals
- Compute (win%)-(loss%)
- Multiply by 100

Massimiliano (81.92%W - 11.37%D -6.70%L - 7522 points)