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Thread: Chat scrolling!!

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    Chat scrolling!!

    The fact that the game chat adds to the top instead of bottom is absolutely insane. If you write something that lasts more than 1 line session it displays what you wrote last first. So annoying and confusing.


    - you can get the team bonus (max level is 10 in each category)
    - To get the team training bonuses for your team you have pick the minimum number of players to get that bonus so

    It would so much better and easier if it displayed the second chat AFTER meaning BELOW the first one

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    Yes, the chat feature is horrible. But, I suppose the reason why the entries goes from bottom to top is because the touch screen keyboard is located at the bottom. The amount of characters that can be sent at one time is low too; many sentences gets cut, and the person has to break it into two or more parts, and readers have to read from top to bottom.
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