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    Its UNFAIR while managers go to pick a player and then there are managers from low or above level to pick the same player. For example I am 37 level and Im going to buy a player (201,5) and there are managers with 11 level or 50 level. Do a better transfer option or bring the good old thing

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    The current system causes more users to be after the same player, which means the more tokens have to be spent. It is not only managers from many different levels but also from different servers that can bid for the same player. It is all about business. The worst thing is that most of the lists are shit which means users will be fighting against each other for relatively shit players.

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    We keep going about the same old things time and time again, the transfer system is ok and allows you to buy cheap players no matter what people say.

    Negotiations are a far better method and mostly everyone agrees they should be back, as they even are more realistic than the aution, but they are not profitable to the game developer.

    Instead of beting up the same old story time and time again we should all focus on asking for a renewed neotiation are that could be both good for the players and for the game developer.

    For me it should also increase the atractivness of older players since everyone is looking for rising stars with 18/19 y.o