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Thread: Middle Season "Tempo" Loans

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    Middle Season "Tempo" Loans

    As we had a... experimental experiment lately... with loans offered to managers... which had different prices depending on the star level... I will add my own list of prices, because isn't accessible 65T per 4 days and then, of course people wanted to know the "final price" to know if the first amount spent was worth... but 343Tokens is a price that shouldn't be there IMO.

    Yeah, 18 aged, 128% but IMO the stars are absolutely relative as the oppos we face depend of the AvQ we have so, a 80% can help more than a 130% depending on the situation.

    So Khris list of prices -which should be shown since beggining as would be appreciated-

    I base this in "my concept of loan", as title say, Tempo Loan, so a loan made on a Winter Market style so aproximately from Day 14 of season and Loans should last till last season day.

    These would need to consideer the lowest AvQ player of the team and suggest a player -or some- with a +35% of AvQ, that could be used as reinforce.
    Prices never should go far away from 39T.

    5* -19
    6* -24
    7* -29
    8* -34
    9* -39

    Would be appropiated that these reinforces, which are temporal, are 18 Aged to improve fast and have x2 SAs -a minor one, FK, corner, PK (lol PK failer) and a interesting SA. I would even try with formulas there to use "non common SAs + a important one to experiment with the effect, (like Aerial+shadow ST in a AMC?)

    The question is now.... if we could have the chance to sign the player once new season start and player has lost a star... which price IMO would be fair?
    IMO the price to do a definitive contract should be the twice we paid initially.

    Merry Khristmas.

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    This idea by @khris is more than simply brilliant. It's really genuis! Exactly in this way it seems like a loan/contract deals in a real football. Since Top Eleven is a football manager, exactly this loan system should has been created from the very beginning of this update in the game. Our Jesus Khrist FOREVER!

    P. S. And yeah, Merry KHRIStmas y'all

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