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Thread: Individual Multi Associations FA -not FA vs FA -full indiviual draw style

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    Individual Multi Associations FA -not FA vs FA -full indiviual draw style

    Let's stop facing 1 vs 1 FA, 6vs6 style as we ve been playing, and let's defend our FA vs multiple teams of diferent FAs.

    So, let gather individual trophies and sum up individual effort of every manager by playing, each one of us, vs a specific manager, of similar -fair AvQ- of any asso available.

    So yeah the idea is achieve a ambient where we have a non manipulable FAs style, by dont fixing a tournament with 4 FAs and x4 6vs6 or whatever, but, we could have a rival, of any association, on saturday, so we earn points individually by winning or draw, and the 2nd day, if we play for 3rd spot or finale, we got extra points like +8 points if we win our particular FA rivals instead of a general +50 points achieved by the 4-6 teams in total.

    Could be more coloured, more proportioned and fair when the engine select the oppo if thats made individually... and diferent...

    we could even.,.,.,... bring our super beloveeeeed KotH in this equatiON!!! and count individual trophies to do a ranking and have something superchachy.

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    Sounds good mate...

    This makes it also more fair , like some FA they are very high and they take in some low quality members in just to lower avg quality so they are sure to win the FA tournament.
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    Cheaters will always cheat.