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Thread: Add Mutants already in the scout list and everywhere -THESIS-

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    Add Mutants already in the scout list and everywhere -THESIS-

    Let's imagine a situation;

    You face, after promotion, a 8* team, who trained the players for seasons and their skills look like 1%-240%'s -grey-whites- but have 141% avq

    so the system offer YOU**, a 8* MC, uniform skilled, so, 140%'s in x15 skills aprox. for? 600Tokens? let's say that a whole team cost improved to compete vs that 8* is arround 7.000-10.000Tokens using direct offers from the Recommendations, and the players will be what we call "bad trained" cause probably the team with 1%s and high whites will have an adv' and even more, the 1%s are in reality a negative (-%) which allow to manipulate some comp draws.

    I mentioned many times about how we need to recovery the old skill limits adapted to the actual game situation, at least to have some parameters, like max. distance between skills =180% but now I will go for another viewpoint.

    And is that due the lack of game margins, in a situation where even the most experienced managers can't know where is the distance in AvQ vsAvQ where you can win a oppo' (remember we've seen defeats VS -60%'s teams) I will ask to do a uniform system where what we know as mutants, are basically, accessible.

    So please add, 114% STs with 214% Shooting and 14% marking. Do it uniform as this help to re-calibrate the situation and fight the massive abuse we have.
    Market need this aswell and academy, the same.

    This will change the game dynamic in a more balanced way as the 340% cap and the auto calibrated skills sets itself a "main parameter", NOT ACCEPTABLE FROM THE VIEWPOINT OF MY OWN MANAGER EXPERIENCE, as dont provide a logic/ intuitive distance that newcomers can spot easily to determine the game chances... but, IT WILL HELP.

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    And yep, read this cause with -1%s and 340% cap this, can make the differance
    OFC as I mentioned we need skill limits again, but do uniform players everywhere, adding "well trained guys uniformly" will help to homogenize regular players VS abusers, too as I mentioned the 340% cap and the training gaining XP self calibration will help to contrain the abuse.

    We cant have a "WHOLE" game with re-designed margins -liberalizated- with the MARKET offering, players that work with the OLD LIMITATIONS.