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Thread: Suggestion for an update

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    Suggestion for an update

    1. I think that every player in my squad should not have been removed a star, and it's not realistic, it must be depended on the stats, either if the player is performing well or not, if the player is not performing well, then remove a star or stay the same depends on the stats, because, I could have a top striker that score tons of goals and the game just removed a star, that's kind of unrealistic and also, every season we have to buy new players.

    2. I also think that the auction, the price is just too much, even a 4 star player could cost up to 100 million, so, I think that about this
    1 star - 10 to 20 million
    2 stars - 20 to 30 million
    3 stars - 30 to 50 million
    4 stars - 50 to 70 million
    5 stars - 70 to 90 million
    6 stars - 90 to 120 million
    7 stars - 120 to 150 million
    8 stars - 150 to 170 million
    9 stars - 200 million and above
    (depending on their stats and their speciality)

    3. I think that, in "Lineup" there should be a column for nationality, because it's sometimes hard to press one by one to find my players.
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