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Thread: Veteran Negotiations Market -Benefits compared VS the current situation

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    Veteran Negotiations Market -Benefits compared VS the current situation

    I'm gonna chage my thesis which was based initially in a starting idea about allow only 18-19 aged to be moved via nego's.

    I'll change the thesis because the current system, which allow multiaccounting movements of players will very likely turn into 1 or a 2nd option, if people start doing this massively, as it is 100% allowed, one option is a reduction of the Feature Functionality, limiting the players transactions, another option would be get rid of the entire feature if tomorrow everybody creates 15 accounts to own 11 players full of 340%s. Obviety shines like a oasis in the middle of the desert.

    So, finally, the my definitive postulate, will not be a limitation/reduction of nego's movements, this really don't resolve the "allowed multiacount movements".
    So we need a unification of criterias, same time we do a limitation of Mutants useful life and, we promote the Managers Interaction.
    yeah.. another criteria I personally had was that the BOT shouldn't be in the regular market keeping negos peer to peer... the bot should be in negos to resolve Top Servers lack of availability meanwhile the regular market still as before, this really would have prevented all this situation which seems brings a legal void without clear rules, because we the mods shouldnt defend the multiaccounting by logical common sense, ehem.

    So this "needed movement/Negotiations Redesign" should do this "unification of criterias, same time we do a limitation of Mutants useful life and, we promote the Managers Interaction"

    by, Creating a Veterans market for 25+ Aged players, which is a wide age rank, which could be open, even setting a min' negos price to extend the economical game part -lets say Negos have a Min price as 8T and seller receive 4T limiting the seasonal "Nego's T's earnable to 20T" ¿?-
    so, this cause of the Age XP lower gaining, would limitate the useful life even of those called mutant players -word used to describe all whats over the old limits-, as at high ages aren't easy to keep.

    The own system, which calculates the margins to determine a match scenario, would help to reduce the decompensated excess of %'s as even keeping a 1% player with high %s like 240'% would have the impact of the "starting match settings" which calculate the distances based on the starting avqs... -thats very techincal- so would be ideal, and, would be "uniform" for all managers, knowing that at some point by allowigng only Veterans to be moved, the system would be compensated.

    So let's get rid on Nego's of the 18-24 aged.
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